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Promoting parental trust through clear and comprehensive guidelines

Parents can relax in the knowledge that children are loved and encouraged in a managed learning environment


Full Day (7:00am- 7:00pm) - £64.00
Morning AM Session (7am- 1pm) - £39.00
Afternoon PM Session (1pm- 7pm) - £39.00

Fees, Policies & Procedures


We accept all forms of funding at Cherubs Montessori Day Nursery. You can claim these funded hours within our Funded Sessions. All Funded Sessions are to be claimed as part of one of our Sessions stated below.

Full Day 8:00am: - 6:00pm
Short Day 9:00am – 4:00pm

Any additional hours will be charge at our hourly rate of £8.00

Any queries please feel free to contact us.

Polices, Terms and Conditions

Please click on the buttons below to view our nursery documents:

Meals & Nutrition

We recognise the importance of teaching children about a healthy lifestyle, so they can make healthy choices in adulthood. To show our dedication to children’s health we are proud recipients of the Silver HEY (Healthy Early Years) Award.

At Cherubs Montessori Day Nursery, we are extremely proud of our 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating.

All our meals are prepared by our two chefs on the premises. We provide a well-balanced and multi-cultural menu, catering for all the children’s nutritional and dietary needs.

Our nursery sessions include Breakfast, Midmorning Snack, Lunchtime Meal with Pudding and Afternoon Tea with Pudding. All our menus are rotated on a 3-weekly basis. Please see our detailed menu on this page.

Optional Government Funded Lunch and/or Tea:

At Cherubs Montessori Day Nursery we offer the option for our Government Funded children to bring their own packed lunches and/or tea (dependent on their booked sessions). Breakfast is available for all children with no extra charge and the normal meals provided by Cherubs will continue to be available for all Funded children, however these will cost the following:

Full Day Session (7:00am-6:50pm) - £8.00 per session

(Lunchtime Meal with Pudding and Teatime Meal with Pudding)

Short Day Session (9:00am-4:00pm) - £5.00 per session

(Lunchtime Meal with Pudding)

AM Session (7:00am-1:00pm) - £5.00 per session

(Lunchtime Meal with Pudding)

PM Session (1:00pm-6:50pm) - £3.00 per session

(Teatime Meal with Pudding)


Your Questions Answered

Q1. How does the Government Funding work? Funded sessions are not ‘free’ but are funded by the government. They are sessions which some working families may be eligible for. Please go onto the government website to see if you are eligible to receive the funding. •15 Hours Government Funding: We are open 51 weeks or the year, the 15 hours per week funding is spread over the whole year. Reducing the allowance down to 11 hours per week. •30 Hours Government Funding: We are open 51 weeks of the year, the 30 hours per week funding is spread over the whole year. Reducing the allowance of funding down to 22 hours per week. We currently offer an 8:00am-6:00pm session to which is only available for children who are entitled to Government funding. Nurseries are only allowed to claim 10 hours of funding per day. Any additional hours required outside of the set session times will be charged at our hourly rate.

Q2. Do you offer Term Time Only spaces? No, we do not offer Term Time only spaces.

Q3. Do you accept 2 Year Funding? Yes, we do accept 2 Year Funding spaces. However, as we are open 51 weeks of the year, the 15 hours per week is spread over the whole year. Reducing the allowance down to 11 hours per week.

Q4. Why isn’t my monthly bill less during the month of December? We calculate our monthly bills over 51 weeks of the year. Allowing every monthly invoice to be the same amount.

Q5. Do you use any in house apps? Yes, we currently use ‘Parent Zone’ an app that allows parents to see experiences and updates that your child may be learning during the day.

Q6. Do I have to pay for Bank Holidays or time away from Cherubs i.e., Family Holidays/Sickness? Yes, Bank Holidays and/or time away from Cherubs is payable by yourselves.

Q7. Can I change my permanent sessions or book extra sessions for my child/children? Yes, you can change your permanent sessions, providing we have the capacity to change the session we are happy to accommodate this. We also ask for at least 4 weeks’ notice to change any attendance on file. You can book extra sessions for your child/children, please email our office to arrange this.

Your Questions Answered
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