Here are some of the extra services we provide to ensure we lay strong foundations and make every Cherub’s learning experience one they will treasure. 


Bonjour à toutes et à tous! (Hello, everyone!)

My name is Jane Gannon (some of you may know me already from last year as “Aibhlínn’s mummy!”) and this is “Monsieur Coin-Coin” (Mr. Quack Quack!) We are utterly delighted to have been asked to tutor French on a Wednesday morning for the preschool children at Cherubs!

I have been a French teacher for 24 years in a secondary school, I’m really looking forward to working with “littlies” now. I met most of the children on Wednesday this week and had such fun teaching them some basic greetings and singing with them. What a lovely bunch of children they are – I’m looking forward to helping them to learn a bit about the world around them, to enjoy languages and to have FUN with French!

Monsieur Coin-Coin is also VERY excited because he will be coming home, with his scrapbook diary, to stay with one of the children on a Wednesday for a week to share in their adventures at home!

Au revoir et à bientôt! (Goodbye and see you soon!)


The Cherubs Bears


At Cherubs each room has their own bear who the children can take home to take on holiday, events or just to visit home. Our bears have been all over the world and they are always ready for their next adventure!